Meetings & Events

Our Meetings and Events list includes all of our Meetings and events which Optimists are invited to volunteer at or attend. 

Date Type Title
12/12/2017 Event

Volunteer schedule for the Christmas Tree Lot.

Please be generous with your time. If you Can't lift trees, not a problem there are plenty of folks who can. This is a great opportunity to meet and greet...

12/13/2017 Event

<p>JOI Festive Meeting, bring food - no nuts or coconut.</p>

01/08/2018 Event

Optimist New Year Dinner Meeting

01/10/2018 Event

JOI Meeting

01/11/2018 Event

JOI Oak Park Meeting

01/17/2018 Event

Pack food at Food4Kids. Maximum 8 volunteers - therefore open to JOI members to have not been before. Items needed most:
Boxes of oatmeal sachets
 Mini boxes of raisins
 Soup, baked beans, chili or stew...

01/22/2018 Event

Optimist Business Meeting

01/23/2018 Event

Zone 3 Dinner Meeting hosted by Optimist Club of Oakville

01/24/2018 Event

JOI Meeting

01/25/2018 Event

JOI Oak Park Meeting

02/07/2018 Event

JOI Meeting

02/08/2018 Event

JOI Oak Park Meeting

02/12/2018 Event

Dinner Meeting

02/21/2018 Event

JOI Meeting

02/22/2018 Event

JOI Oak Park Meeting